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Over 20 Years of Construction & Mold Investigation Experience

I&I Fire, Water and Mold has over 20 years of construction and mold investigation experience. We are licensed investigators and experts at discovering who may be at fault for the damage and finding the source of the problem. We have close affiliations with several Heating and Air Companies, Electrical Contractors, Licensed Plumbers, Licensed Electricians and Roofing Contractors when damage has occurred or is suspected of having occurred to any of these areas. This allows us to complete projects quicker and more cost effectively than our competitors.

I&I Fire, Water and Mold Van

As experienced licensed investigators and experts at discovering who may be at fault for the damage, we have access to information not available to other Fire, Water and Mold Remediation Companies and the general public. Through our investigation company, we have access to site security when protection of property or contents is a concern. We have a trained and certified K9 that also assists in site security and protection when necessary.

I&I Fire, Water and Mold conducts our own insurance investigations and have years of experience dealing with insurance companies. We assist Home Owner’s Association when having difficulties collecting from insurance companies and work as liaisons for home owner’s when dealing with their home owners association and their insurance companies.

I cannot speak highly enough about Randy from I&I. He is probably the most honest person that I have met to date in the service industry. Instead of charging me for services that I had requested, he talked me out of unnecessary services. He explained why certain things were unnecessary, even though it resulted in him not making money on performing them. I cannot speak higher about his professionalism, responsiveness, and his willingness to go above and beyond. Highly recommend! - Jennifer A.

My apartment windows’ seals had been broken by the winds of Hurricane Dorian. And as a result, my apartment was inundated with water. Down through the windows, the wall and also down to the floor to damage the carpet. My apartment complex was refusing to complete needed repairs, and I was getting sick from the mold that was forming inside my apartment. Randy came in and completed an extensive inspection, and did further extensive testing for pathogens. Randy’s certified report of the pathogens and their levels was instrumental to getting the mold remediation started on my apartment. The report was also instrumental with my doctor, who was able to correlate my increasing symptoms to the pathogens on Randy’s reports. I was able to move out and into a new place, and to get the medical treatment I needed. I can’t thank, praise or recommend Randy any greater. Hire Randy above all others! He’s simply the best there is to help you with your fire, water and mold restoration needs. - DeAnna E.