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Over 20 Years of Construction & Mold Investigation Experience

Disinfectng the home or business professionally can drastically reduce the spread of viruses such as the coronavirus and all flu strains.

I&I Fire, Water and Mold serves the the Wilmington, North Carolina Area and is industry specialized for disinfecting surfaces for viruses and contaminants with years of experience to quickly clean your home or business.

Virus Disinfection


Bio-fogging is a sterilization technique that creates a dry or wet mist that eliminates a high percentage, if not all, of pathogens that cannot be reached by conventional cleaning.

HEPA Vacuuming

Evidence shows that a HEPA vacuum with properly designed seals does a better job of collecting contaminants than the average non-HEPA vacuum. Our professional vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is a very useful tool for reducing allergens and remediation of harmful contaminants.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone works well as an antimicrobial treatment prior to disturbing mold during remediation. This helps to prevent spores from being able to reproduce in other areas by deeming them nonviable (dead). Ozone is also an excellent finishing treatment after a mold remediation project. Due to the fact that mold spores are microscopic, it is given that some spores will remain in the area after remediation and will likely be in areas that are difficult to mechanically clean. Because ozone uses air as the vehicle to find mold, it can treat any difficult area that airborne spores have traveled to: air ducts, air conditioner A-coils, attics, wall cavities, and crawl spaces.

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